Simple Strategies for Working More Effectively With Data


Speaker: Jay McTighe


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Webinar Description

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It’s easy to be overwhelmed by data and to miss the important things it could tell you about your school or educational system throughout the school year. Too many administrators wait for year-end results to identify problems and lose sight of the essential numbers that can help drive improvements in education.

In this webinar, Jay McTighe, the best-selling author of The Understanding by Design series, tells you how to work more confidently and expertly with data and how to translate it into more effective teaching.

Webinar Topics:

  • What should count as “data?
  • How should Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) analyze data and plan for improvements?
  • How can we use data from diagnostic and formative assessments to guide teaching?
  • How might we use “data” as a lever for educational change?
  • How can we communicate results fairly, honestly and consistently?

Analyzing data is not just about identifying problems. This presentation focuses on identifying strengths as well. Jay shows you how to combine multiple sources of data in a “photo album” of assessment rather than relying on the “snapshot” created by a single test. He discusses how to use this photo album to guide school/district improvement efforts and adjust teaching approaches to fit individual learning styles.

Other topics:

  •  Sources of achievement data
  • Professional Learning Community Protocols for analyzing achievement data
  • Using data from diagnostic and formative assessments to guide teaching
  • How to use data to provoke educational change
  • How to communicate results


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About the Speaker

Jay McTighe

Jay McTighe is familiar to most educators because of his highly acclaimed books and his speaking engagements at many national, state and district conferences and workshops. Jay is co-author, with Grant Wiggins, of the best-selling Understanding by Design series, Understanding by Design (1998); The Understanding by Design Handbook (1999); The Understanding by Design Study Guide (2000); The Understanding by Design Professional Development Workbook (2004); Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design (2006); and Schooling by Design (2007). Jay has also co-authored 3 books on assessment, Assessing Learning in the Classroom; Assessing Outcomes: Performance Assessment Using the Dimensions of Learning Model; and Evaluation Tools to Improve as Well as Evaluate Student Performance.

Jay is a principal in his own consulting firm, McTighe and Associates. He previously served as director of the Maryland Assessment Consortium, a state collaboration of school districts working together to develop and share formative performance assessments.

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