RTI Strategies for Grades 6-12: How to Reach Your Struggling Students Earlier


Speaker: Susan Fitzell


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Webinar Description

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This webinar on Response to Intervention (RTI) is specifically for the educator at the Grade 6-12 level. Much of the available information and resources on RTI has been targeted to the elementary level. Grade 6-12 educators are left to wonder if and how to implement RTI with their own students: how best to identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes, to provide their students with evidence-based interventions, monitor student progress and adjust the intensity and nature of interventions based on student responsiveness.

Susan Fitzell delivers a webinar that is designed to support Grade 6-12 teachers in implementing RTI in their classrooms. Susan’s goal is to give you a bank of practical strategies you can use right away with your students.

A significant challenge that RTI teams face at all grade levels is bringing the practice to the classroom. RTI building teams can create outstanding plans to support students. However, if the classroom teacher is not supported, implementation will be difficult and intermittent at best.

In this webinar, teachers will learn how RTI benefits all students, from gifted to the struggling learner. Susan says when teachers understand this, fewer students need to be referred to the RTI building team. She explains how RTI fits into secondary education and applies it to math, reading comprehension, writing, and more. Susan summarizes Tiers I, II, and III in teacher-friendly language and includes RTI strategies for assessment, interventions and progress monitoring.

Webinar topics:

  • Practical turnkey intervention strategies for Tiers I, II and III
  • How to organize lesson plans to include intensive, systematic, multi-leveled instruction
  • Discover what you are already doing to support RTI
  • Boost student success with simple, effective classroom-based progress monitoring techniques.
  • Leverage best practice strategies that you are currently using with an RTI approach to enhance learning for all students
  • Build an intervention bank starter set
  • Develop ready-to-use strategies to reach your struggling students earlier and faster
  • Develop and implement an instructional strategy or intervention in response to common patterns of student thinking
  • Authentic assessments that identify students’ progress efficiently, accurately, and fairly with examples


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About the Speaker

Susan Fitzell

has more than two decades of experience identifying and meeting the needs of youth, especially those with special needs, students with behavioral and anger management issues, and students who experience bullying. In her research, Susan Fitzell, M. Ed, focuses on building caring, inclusive school communities and helping students and teachers succeed in the inclusive classroom. Her books include: Special Needs in the General Classroom: Strategies that Make it Work; Please Help Me With My Homework! Strategies for Parents and Caregivers; Paraprofessionals and Teachers Working Together; Umm… Studying? What’s That? Learning Strategies for the Overwhelmed and Confused College and High School Student; Transforming Anger into Personal Power: An Anger Management Curriculum Guide; and Free the Children: Conflict Education for Strong, Peaceful Minds. Susan’s consulting company, AIMHI Educational Programs, is based in Manchester, NH.





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