20-Point Check-up for School Culture: How to Make Your Culture More Inviting, Supportive and Motivating


Speaker: Robert Kiddell


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Webinar Description

Snapshot: You feel a school’s culture the moment you walk into the building. It is unmistakable, as compelling and yet as indescribable as the smell of coffee in the morning or the smell of musty papers in the attic. It can be experienced as uplifting and invigorating, warm and nurturing or listless and unfocused.

Study after study shows that school culture is critical to student behavior and achievement, teacher retention and performance. You have more control over it than you think. As an administrator, you need to be aware of the school culture you are creating with every little decision and big decision you make. It all adds up to an environment that teachers, parents and students experience as either positive or negative, supportive or indifferent, stimulating or demotivating.

In this webinar Rob Kiddell, a working principal and popular speaker on stewardship and school culture, walks you through a 20-point plan for enhancing, improving and invigorating your school’s culture.

The webinar will include several real case studies of schools that were successful in changing their school cultures. Rob also will provide participants with tools they can use to continue the conversation about school culture with staff members.

Webinar Topics: 

  • Create that good first impression with visitors to your school
  • Develop school slogans that are relevant and alive
  • Evaluate your school events
  • Encourage “followership” as well as leadership
  • Take time each day for self-motivation
  • Understand the difference between congeniality and collegiality
  • Help teachers and parents connect
  • Get in touch with your leadership style
  • Help your school do a better job of recognizing the past, present and future


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About the Speaker

Robert Kiddell

Robert Kiddell is an experienced principal, facilitator and expert on creating a positive school and class culture. He is principal of the Canadian International School in Singapore and former principal of Glenlyon Norfolk School, a co-ed preparatory school in Victoria, British Columbia. A popular speaker in Canada, Rob has worked with educators in the United States, Kenya, India, Japan, Taiwan on stewardship issues related to cultivating a school environment that supports student behavior and achievement. Among his special achievements as a hands-on educator was the consolidation of a girls’ campus and boys’ campus in 2003 to form one cohesive school with one culture.

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