What Grades 1-6 Teachers Need to Know About Teaching Reading Comprehension for the New Standards-based Assessments


Speaker: Nancy Boyles


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Reading comprehension is students’ first line of defense during high-stakes testing, so how do you best support them in becoming strong readers when the research and thinking around reading comprehension instruction is in flux?

Reading comprehension was once viewed as a collection of discrete skills to be taught and tested separately, but current research increasingly indicates that it is better taught and assessed through the synthesis and integration of textual knowledge.

What does “synthesis and integration” look like in the classroom and in the minds of your students as they take the tests?

Join close-reading expert Nancy Boyles for a hands-on webinar that will help you better experience and understand your students’ reading comprehension process during test taking.  This webinar is designed to directly address the new interpretation of rigor in comprehension, not so teachers can “teach to the test,” but so they can better grasp the key instructional and assessment shifts.

Nancy will lead webinar participants in 1) carefully examining assessment items to recognize their particular complexities; 2) determining how students will construct meaning as they try to understand the individual assessment items; and 3) identifying next steps in comprehension instruction to help students speed up the  process of reading for deeper understanding.

This webinar is suitable for all Grades 1-6 teachers in Common Core-aligned states gearing up for SBAC (Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium), PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness For College and Careers) or their own variation on these assessment models. It also is valuable for other states and provinces re-imagining assessments that better reflect current research. All webinar participants will receive these valuable resources.

Webinar Topics:

  • Identify the goal of new standards-based assessments
  • Determine what we mean by rigor in literacy instruction and assessment
  • Analyze assessment items for standards alignment, academic language, skills needed,  and instructional strategies
  • Create assessment items matched to selected literacy standards
  • Consider challenges and next steps for moving forward with standards-based instruction aligned to assessments


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About the Speaker

Nancy Boyles

Dr. Nancy Boyles is a literacy consultant who has worked as a classroom teacher for many years and was Professor of Reading and Graduate Reading Program Coordinator at Southern Connecticut State University. She now works with districts and organizations on the local, regional and national levels, focusing on best practices in classrooms, and curriculum development related to the Common Core.

Nancy offers workshops, models best practices in classrooms, and supports curriculum development related to the Common Core. She is the author of Lessons and Units for Closer Reading, Grades 3-6, published by Corwin Press as well as 6 books, published by Maupin House: Teaching Written Response to Text; Constructing Meaning through Kid-Friendly Comprehension Strategy Instruction; Hands-On Literacy Coaching; That’s a GREAT Answer; Launching RTI Comprehension Instruction with Shared Reading; and Rethinking Small Group Instruction in the Intermediate Grades.


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