What You Need to Know and Do to Make Your School Walkthrough Ready


Speaker: Donald Kachur


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Webinar Description

Do you want your school to be a walkthrough school? A school where the principal and other educators, particularly classroom teachers, can frequently circulate among classrooms in a routine, non-threatening way in order to improve teaching and learning?

Many schools are now turning to a walkthrough model to collect more frequent profiles of what is going on in classrooms in curriculum, instruction, assessment and classroom management. Walkthroughs usually have a specific focus for improvement. Some examples of focus issues include student engagement, use of technology and implementation of the Common Core State Standards. One of the biggest benefits of walkthroughs is that members of a school community engage in dialogue and reflection about the teaching practices they observe, helping them to continually improve their craft.

In this webinar, walkthrough expert Donald Kachur helps you choose the optimal walkthrough model for your school. Learn about the different factors you need to consider in the design, introduction and use of a walkthrough model. Find out about the different ways you can use walkthroughs to meet your school improvement goals and needs.

Webinar Topics:

  • Protocols of successful walkthroughs
  • Elements of school cultures that support use of walkthroughs as school improvement tools
  • Having a focus and a “look for” on your walkthrough
  • Who should be involved as an observer besides the school administrator
  • Tools for gathering data during your observations
  • How to follow-up and share data after your walkthrough–the different options educators are using
  • Factors to consider when designing your school’s own walkthrough model


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About the Speaker

Donald Kachur

Donald Kachur is Professor Emeritus of Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the College of Education, Illinois State University (ISU), Normal, IL. He is the lead author of Classroom Walkthroughs to Improve Teaching and Learning, published by Eye on Education in 2010 and Teachers Taking the Lead in Classroom Walkthroughs (ACSD). Don served as the full-time executive director of the Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum from 2001-2008. He served on ASCD’s 21-member board of directors from 2007-2010. Don holds his BA, MA, and EdD from Indiana University Bloomington. He now works as an education consultant conducting workshops for school leaders and frequently presents at state and national conferences.


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