Big Skills for the Common Core: Literacy Strategies for the 6-12 Classroom


Speaker: Amy Benjamin


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Webinar Description

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The bar’s been raised. Your grade 6-12 students need to become significantly better readers. Not only because it’s required by the Common Core State Standards. But because your students cannot further their educations and pursue careers in an increasingly complex workplace without far more advanced reading skills, you need more targeted and sophisticated instruction strategies to help your students meet these higher expectations. You need good research-based ideas and perspectives both on your current practices and on what you should be doing differently.

In this webinar,  Amy Benjamin will tell you about across-the-curriculum classroom practices that build the academic literacy skills of the Common Core. Find out how to help your students read complex text, answer text-based questions and develop different writing voices that are appropriate to the purposes of their writing projects.

Webinar Topics:

  • Academic vocabulary-Make sure your students hear, see and use these all-star academic words frequently
  • Text complexity and text-based questions–What do these terms really mean? How to bulk up students’ reading skills so that they become meticulous readers
  • Self-motivated reading–What you need to do to make it happen
  • Academic writing–A simple 3-part structure students can use to frame their writing
  • Writing voice–How to help students cultivate their own voice
  • Paraphrasing–Strategies for helping all students develop this essential skill
  • Read, Write, Talk–A classroom protocol that improves overall academic performance



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About the Speaker

Amy Benjamin

is a leading authority on effective ways for teaching both academic and creative writing. A veteran English teacher, Amy has trained thousands of educators on writing across the curriculum, strategic literacy and differentiated instruction. In addition to Big Skills for the Common Core: Literacy Strategies for the 6-12 Classroom, her many books include Vocabulary at the Core: Teaching the Common Core Standards; Math in Plain English: Literacy Strategies for the Mathematics Classroom; and But I’m Not a Reading Teacher: Strategies for Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas. All are published by Eye on Education, now part of Routledge.

Amy is president of the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar, an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English and is a member of the professional development network of the National Council and Eye on Education.

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