Create a Culture of Feedback: Increase Learning with Feedback from Teachers, Peers and Self-assessment


Speaker: Jane E. Pollock


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Webinar Description

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 High-achieving students already know how important feedback is to learning as much as possible. They are engaged learners always looking for feedback from any sector, whether it’s from teachers, or comparing themselves with their peers or from self-assessment tools. Imagine if all your students could benefit from the power of feedback in increasing learning without placing undue demands on teachers.

In this webinar, Jane Pollock shows you how you can vastly increase the amount of feedback students are getting in class with simple strategies that any teacher can quickly learn to use. It’s not only teachers who should be providing feedback. Students can benefit from feedback from their peers and from self-monitoring their own progress toward clearly defined goals.

Jane provides many strategies and ideas for creating a culture of feedback in the classroom to help engage and motivate more of your students.

Webinar Topics:

  • What the research says about the power of feedback in the classroom and its multiple roles
  • The importance of developing goals for giving good feedback
  • Teaching students at all grade levels to use a goal-accounting template to self-assess on standards and objectives
  • Increasing student engagement through peer feedback How to increase feedback to students by teaching note-taking
  • Use of live classroom scoring to increase feedback and achievement
  • How to provide feedback to teachers to strategically improve student achievement


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About the Speaker

Jane E. Pollock

Jane Pollock is president of Learning Horizon, Inc., which provides consulting services to schools worldwide that help them improve student learning and teaching practices. She is the author of Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time (2007), Feedback: The Hinge-Factor that Joins Teaching and Learning (2011), i5: Teaching Innovation (2012), and the co-author of Dimensions of Learning Teacher and Training Manuals (1996), Assessment, Grading and Record Keeping (1999), Classroom Instruction That Works (2001), Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time (2009) and Minding the Achievement Gap One Classroom at a Time (2012). A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Jane is a former ESL and general education teacher and school.


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