Get a Great Start on the New School Year With Conscious Classroom Management


Speaker: Rick Smith


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Webinar Description

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Snapshot: The first weeks of the new school year are critical for creating a good learning environment in the classroom. Take advantage of this crucial time to reflect on how to improve your classroom practices. In this webinar, Rick Smith, author of the widely acclaimed book, Conscious Classroom Management: Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching, will help you make this school year your most successful yet.

Have you ever observed master teachers at work? Their classroom management skills are seamless, practically invisible. It looks easy, until you try to duplicate it in your classroom. Rick has devoted his career to making visible and conscious the seemingly invisible skills of highly effective teachers. In this lively, interactive session for K-12 staff, Rick shares these invaluable insights with you.

Behavior expert Rick Smith “slows down the camera” and analyzes what happens in the classrooms of both effective and ineffective teachers. You will learn dozens of practical, insightful strategies to get the school year off to a good start and to be the most effective teacher you can be. Learn how to lay the groundwork for procedures and content and to manage student behavior through both prevention and intervention.

Webinar Topics:

In this webinar, Rick will give you specific management strategies you can use right away. Rick will coach you in how to be well-prepared for your new group of students, including:

  • 5 non-verbal procedures that save time and motivate your students
  • 3 teacher assumptions that invite student cooperation
  • How to discipline students from across the room
  • How to succeed with difficult students
  • Growing your inner authority
  • When and how to use consequences
  • “Holdingyour ground” in ways that invite student cooperation
  • Practical approaches for motivating your reluctant learners
  • Nuts and bolts practices that are vital for classroom survival
  • How to reduce your stress and anxiety so that you can maintain a fresher, more positive approach to teaching


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About the Speaker

Rick Smith

Is an internationally known educational consultant, award-winning teacher, and author. His bestselling book, Conscious Classroom Management: Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching, is a top resource on classroom management and student motivation. As a speaker, Rick has traveled across the country and internationally, impressing audiences and workshop participants with his energetic and humorous style, and with his ability to clearly communicate strategies that are both practical and effective. Rick has an extensive teaching background with more than 14 years in the classroom in San Rafael, California. He also spent two years training new volunteer teachers for the Peace Corps in Ghana, West Africa.

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