How to Champion or Create the Truly Inclusive Classroom


Speaker: Toby Karten, Author of Inclusion Strategies That Work! Research-Based Methods for the Classroom

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Webinar Description

Think of a time you were excluded from an academic or social activity as a child or an adult.  You can probably still feel the sting of that exclusion,  even if the incident happened years ago.

Your school and/or classroom may be philosophically committed to a policy of inclusiveness, but if this philosophy is not actively put into daily practice, many of your students may be silently struggling with these same feelings of being left out and left behind.

Want to inspire and motivate your staff to live and breathe inclusiveness as they work with their students? Be an inclusion coach. Want to create a truly inclusive classroom?

Join Toby Karten for a 2-hour webinar that will provide you with many insights, ideas, tips and strategies for coaching your staff or colleagues to practice inclusiveness as they work to raise the achievement of all  learners, including students with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and autism, along with students with emotional, social, behavioral, physical, sensory, and communicative differences.

This webinar is suitable both for administrators who want to champion inclusion and for teachers who want to make their classrooms more inclusive.

Learn how inclusion interventions grounded on principles like RTI, differentiated instruction, understanding by design, universal design for learning, multiple intelligences, multisensory approaches, peer mentoring, and cooperative learning help you organize a general education classroom that supports all students in achieving their highest potential.

 Webinar Topics:

  • Why do inclusion?
  • How to create and sustain school-based inclusion-coaching models that engage your staff and/or colleagues in the work
  • Set the bar–Collaboratively exploring inclusion norms and expectations with your staff. What strategies and interventions will you use to achieve inclusion?
  • Best evidence-based strategies and interventions to use with students of mixed abilities and with different classroom dynamics
  • Lesson designs that improve outcomes for learners with and without IEPs
  • How to incorporate inclusion in mentoring and professional learning programs and activities

You will walk away from this webinar with lots of inclusion-coaching strategies, professional resources, organizations and online references that assist students, collaborative teams, teachers, support staff, and families.



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About the Speaker

Toby Karten

Toby Karten has worked in education as a staff developer, instructional coach, educational consultant, author, adjunct professor, and inclusion specialist from the kindergarten to graduate school level.   Toby is the author of Inclusion Strategies That Work! Research-Based Methods for the Classroom, an international best seller soon to be released in its third edition.

She is a lecturer at Monmouth University and an adjunct professor and graduate instructor at the Regional Training Center, which is affiliated with Gratz College, College of New Jersey, and Washington College.  Toby has been recognized by both the Council for Exceptional Children and the N.J. Dept. of Education as an exemplary educator, receiving two “Teacher of the Year” awards.

Toby  earned an undergraduate degree in special education from Brooklyn College, a master of science in special education from the College of Staten Island, a supervisory degree from Georgian Court University, and an honorary doctorate from Gratz College.  Her professional goal is to help educators effectively teach students within their least restrictive environments, looking at inclusive placements as viable first options.


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