Flip Your Classroom: What to Expect in Your First Year or How to Do it Better on Your Next Try


Speaker: Katie Gimbar


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Webinar Description

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 Fire up your ambition to flip your classroom. YouTube star Katie Gimbar is an enthusiastic practitioner of flipped teaching in her 8th grade class in North Carolina and a passionate advocate of this approach.  Katie has developed a wide following around the world.  She will inspire you with her high-energy style, her sense of conviction about this new approach and her smart, down-to-earth suggestions on how to make it all work in the classroom.

Katie will share what she’s learned from her classroom and from the experiences of many of her followers and colleagues. She will answer frequently-asked questions and will address your doubts and reservations with practical tips.

This webinar is appropriate for all grade levels and all subject areas. Katie will be joined by her principal and one of her fellow teachers who will add their own perspectives on the flipped classroom and how to implement it.

Learn all you need to know to bring this important change to your classroom in the fall. Katie will save you from having to learn important lessons from trial and error! This is a special opportunity for an in-depth learning experience with a top practitioner!

Webinar Topics:

  • How to use class time in the flipped classroom
  • What to expect in your first year of flipping your classroom
  • Key elements of the flipped classroom and frequently asked questions
  • How to manage self-paced learning
  • How the flipped classroom works in math, social studies and other subjects
  • What to do when students don’t watch videos or are disruptive in class
  • Should you create your own videos or use videos created by others?
  • Tips for creating simple and powerful videos
  • How administration can support teachers in flipping the classroom
  • Training resources for flipped classroom


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About the Speaker

Katie Gimbar

is an 8th-grade math teacher at Durant Road Middle School in Raleigh, NC, and is well-known for her series of YouTube videos on flipped instruction. Katie is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher who has a bachelor’s degree in middle school mathematics and science education. She has worked with North Carolina State University and SAS to develop a flipped classroom training program for educators. She is currently flipping her classroom using the FIZZ method. Katie’s work and resources have helped thousands of educators worldwide shift their instruction. Her focus is on increasing student success by helping teachers become more efficient, reflective and better at relationship-building.

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