Get the School Year on Track With Discipline Strategies That Engage Children in Changing Their Behaviors


Speaker: Rick Morris


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Webinar Description

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For discipline strategies to be truly effective, teachers must be able to act upon a problem and not just talk about it. It was Jean Piaget, the renowned developmental psychologist who discovered that children learn primarily through their experiences.

This is critical for teachers to remember when they are managing classroom behavior. It’s not what children hear about their behavior that will bring about a change and teach them a life lesson, but what happens as a result of that behavior.

In the classroom, the entire concept can be stated quite simply: Students may doubt what you say but will always believe what you do.

Unfortunately, most teachers still attempt to do the majority of behavior management with words. Actions, after all, require effort and commitment. Words are so much easier to use. But when teachers only use words to improve student behavior, they eventually become either punitive or permissive, neither of which work when it comes to helping students become responsible, self-directed learners.

In this webinar, Rick Morris, an award-winning educator and author, will show you how easy it is to use action-based strategies that demonstrate to your students you are serious about how they behave in your classroom.

Webinar Topics:

  • How to respond effectively to discipline problems in ways that will truly change your students’ behavior
  • Implementing rules and consequences that get results
  • Creating a dynamic classroom environment that supports the learning of every student and promotes responsible behavior
  • Classroom-tested strategies that will increase your overall effectiveness and lead to student achievement
  • Innovative ideas that translate current educational research into usable classroom techniques
  • Developing your own discipline programs that you’ll be able to use year after year
  • How to maximize the power of your natural teaching style
  • Reducing your stress on a daily basis
  • How to become a teacher who is fair, firm, and consistent: the hallmark of an effective educator


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About the Speaker

Rick Morris

Rick Morris is a recognized specialist in the field of classroom management and student motivation. A gifted speaker with a proven talent for inspiring educators of all ages, he has helped countless teachers incorporate innovative management tools into their classrooms. Rick has published 4 books on education: The New Management Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide for Creating a Happier, More Productive Classroom; Tools & Toys: Fifty Fun Ways to Love Your Class; Class Cards: How to Get Your Class in the Palm of Your Hand, and Eight Great Ideas: Simple Ways to Transform Your Teaching. Rick has received the Distinguished Contribution to Education Award from Phi Delta Kappa for outstanding work with new teacher intern programs and the Hats Off to Teachers award from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.



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