Simple Whole-Class Differentiation Strategies to Help You Meet More of Your Students’ Learning Needs Earlier and in Less Time


Speaker: Karen Hume


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Webinar Description

How can you do more to meet the diverse learning needs of your students when you already feel overcommitted in your teaching responsibilities?

Welcome to whole-class or proactive differentiation. This approach to differentiation is a practical and manageable response to concerns that differentiated instruction is way too time-consuming and means developing skills teachers don’t already have.

Join Karen Hume for a 2-hour webinar that will give you simple tools and strategies to adopt a highly efficient and effective differentiation style during whole-class instruction.

Karen will help you tap into your inner differentiator. As an experienced educator, you already know when you teach a lesson that some students will get confused, or get an idea backwards, or need extra help with background vocabulary. You already know that some of your students will spring ahead and others will fall behind based on their interests, readiness, or learning preferences. Act on this knowledge early to support student learning before problems develop.

Karen will show you how to anticipate individual learning needs by teaching foundational concepts and skills in a wide variety of ways, increasing the likelihood that all your students will find a path into new learning. Find out how to build on your already successful differentiation practices with this proactive, whole-class approach!

Webinar topics:

  • The basic information you need to effectively differentiate instruction for your students
  • How to design meaningful choices for learners
  • Planning for whole-class differentiation
  • Whole-class methods–the learning pyramid, multiple entry points, teaching around the wheel
  • Classroom set-up and procedures that facilitate differentiation
  • How to increase student participation and engagement
  • Next steps in differentiation based on your learning/teaching preferences


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About the Speaker

Karen Hume

Karen Hume is the author of 6 professional books for teachers and administrators and 4 literacy programs for adolescents. In her more than 30 years in education, Karen has been a teacher, administrator, system leader, author, keynote speaker, and workshop leader. She holds an MEd in curriculum and teacher development from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Karen is on the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Action Research. She also is the recipient of three ‘Teacher of the Year’ awards.  Her books include Supporting and Sustaining Differentiated Instruction:  An Administrator’s Guide,  Evidence to Action, 50 Tools and Techniques for Classroom Assessment, Tuned Out: Engaging the 21st Century Learner,  The Evidence-Based School: An Administrator’s Guide and Start Where They Are:  Differentiating for Success with the Young Adolescent.

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